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November 2015

WiFi signal

Wireless. Poor Signal?

Wireless routers are a gateway to the outside world, wireless speeds vary depending on your router location. One of many things people question about routers are their wireless speed and coverage.   The location of your router is an important factor, if your wireless router is located next to any other devices such as TVs, …

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Broadband…How Slow?

Its a fact. We all need broadband. Even the Prime Minister insists we all have a fast internet connection. See the article in the Financial Times here. Your computer needs the internet for many things. The primary function is to allow you to browse the web, so you can book your holidays online, or do …

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Ultra thin laptop

Laptop v PC

When it comes to choosing which would suit you best, a laptop or a desktop PC, there are a bewildering number of choices. Buying a new computer system can leave you unsure as to what option would benefit you best. Laptop and desktop PCs come in different sizes and have different specifications. There are several advantages …

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IT Expert Support and Advice

Techie Terms…

In the computing industry there are many technical terms and acronyms that are not easily understandable. Often used by geeks and tech heads, we thought you might find is useful if we translated some of the more commonly used abbreviations. SATA and IDE SATA cables or (Serial ATA) is the common way of connecting components …

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