Advantages and Disadvantages of a Chromebook..


A Google Chromebook may look like a Laptop but it has features you have probably never seen before. The Chromebook works by using the internet to run applications of your choice e.g. Netflix, Dropbox, Word Online, just to name a few. The main aim of a Chromebook is to get stuff done more quicker and easier, running Google Chrome OS which has layers of security and cloud storage as well as Google Products already built in.


Printing on a Chromebook couldn’t be easier ! If you have a network or cloud ready printer then you only have to tweak a few settings to get up and running. Chromebook uses the web interface to print your documents from any device. This way of printing is much easier on a network printer as the Chromebook connects through an active internet connection. Click here to see how you can easily print off your Chromebook.


Chromebooks have multiple layers of security, meaning that if an attacks was to happen, the attacker would have to effectively try bypass the other security layers. Chromebooks use automatic updates which means that the device is always running up to date and secure version. Another handy security mechanism the Chromebook uses is a “Verified Boot”, this checks the system before boot to see if there has been any tampering with it or if there has been any corruption.


Backing up files are easy. The device uses GoogleDrive, a cloud storage service from Google, which lets you access your files from anywhere on the Web whether your using the Chromebook or not. If you do not use GoogleDrive and have an account with similar cloud storage services such as Dropbox, you can download the Dropbox application for your Chromebook.


It is fairly obvious that there are some disadvantages to a Chromebook. When it comes to downloading any software then it would be impossible for you to do so as Chromebooks do not support these installation of software. As a Chromebook uses the internet, you may find that the system will run slow, in most cases, this is down to your internet speed, furthermore you will be limited to many things such as playing power intensive games as well as using disks, using Photoshop and video editing, although there are online video editing tools.