Are you a Zoom user?

Zoom conference

It seems that the scammers will stop at nothing to try and scam the unsuspecting public, despite the world being immersed in a pandemic.

We received this email yesterday (November 15th). The interesting part is that neither as a company or as individuals, we have never used Zoom, preferring instead, the safer alternative of Microsoft Teams.

Below is the email sent in its entirety. REMEMBER – If you regularly change your passwords, make sure they are not the same for any account, then these SPAM emails will not make any difference to you.

Hi. You will find this important.
You have used Zoom some time ago. And I have very unfortunate news for youI’ll give you some background on what happened.

There was a zero day security vulnerability on Zoom app, that allowed me a full time access to your camera and some other metadata on your account.
I had access to your camera ALL the time, even when Zoom app was closed. Basically, your device was hacked and remotely controlled.
And as you can imagine in your worst dreams, I have made a footage with you as a leading actor.
In the video you can be seen performing sexual act.
Having fun is ok with me, but is not ok with your reputation.

Please dont blame me or yourself for this. You couldn’t know that the camera was working.
I’m sure you don’t want to be the next Jeffrey Toobin and get embarrassed in front of all your friends, family and colleagues.
You should get this very clear, I will send this video to all your contacts if I dont get paid.

Are you wondering how I got your contacts and emails? Through the same exploit, zoom app allowed me to extract all sensitive info from your device.

So here is what we will do. You pay me $2000 in bitcoin, and nothing of this will happen. You have 2 days to make the payment.
After I get the money, I will delete the footage and information about you. The amount is not negotiable.
Send 0.13 Bitcoin (less than 2k USD at the current exchange rate) to my wallet ****************************
Having trouble with buying bitcoin? Just google on how to buy it, it’s very easy to use and anonymous.
P.S. Don’t try to report this to the police, I use TOR and bitcoin can’t be traced. Do not email me back. If you do something stupid, I will distribute the video.
Good luck. Don’t stress.

As you will see, the email has appalling grammar and is the same style as previous SCAMS. For more information, see here

Stay safe both in the online and offline world.