Automatic Renewal of Anti-Virus


It has come to the attention of PC Repair Leeds, that anti-virus (AV) companies are automatically renewing AV without Clients consent. We have been contacted by several clients recently who are using different AV companies and who have been charged a further 12 months subscription from existing credit card details.

When you purchase AV software, always ensure you read thoroughly the statements before ticking boxes. Often, you need to un-check a box to prevent yearly renewals.

Multi AntiVirus

There are a large variety of AV companies all wanting your business. The main thing to remember is “Has my current Anti-virus kept me safe this year?”

The main difference in AV software is the affect it has on your pc. Certain software can slow down your pc, others can be intrusive, constantly asking for your permission before allowing you to proceed with the smallest change.

Once you have chosen your AV for the year, ensure your credit card details are not held on file and the auto-renew function is not enabled. When its time for renewal, you will be able to shop around freely.

PC Repair Leeds is currently supporting Bitdefender this year as they have proved to be one of the most cost effective yet through AV providers. Please contact us today if you would like to take advantage of our discounts.