Big Sur – New apple update

Apple - Big Sur Update


The latest operating system from Apple for Mac has recently been released, called Big Sur For those curious people, Big Sur is a mountain range in California.

As usual when a new OS is released, we strongly advise allowing a few weeks to pass before updating your mac. This will allow for bugs to be identified and fixes to be updated.

In the case of Big Sur, there are already reports that the new OS is causing major issues with older Macbook. See TechRadar

When Apple release a new OS, they will stipulate what versions of Mac the OS will support. A full list of hardware that Big Sur supports can be found here.

If your hardware is older than 2013, you will not be able to upgrade from Catalina. If your hardware is 2013/2014, we would advise not updating until Apple confirm what is causing the black screen issues.

As a final note of caution, ensure you have an SSD (Solid State Drive) in your Apple machine. A mechanical drive will be too slow for this OS