Bladabindi Malware Alert


Yet again, we have another threat aimed at robbing you of your private information.

Bladibindi malware is a multi-identity malware intrusion, designed to target your keyboard impressions, webcam and browser information. Additionally, it can also infest your USB drives. Once it has access to your system, it can copy any sensitive data and forward to it back to the hackers.

As always, be vigilant and look out for any strange messages asking you to confirm settings. If you are unsure if a message is genuinely a Windows message, click the red x at the top right of the box.

If you use USB drives then virus check them before accessing them, especially if your children move data from school to home via a USB thumb drive.

Ensure you have a good anti-malware programme such as Malwarebytes, and run each week.

If you think you have malware or if your system has been compromised, contact PC Repair Leeds without delay. Your data could be at risk.