BT Telephone Scam

BT Scam

We have recently been advised by our Clients of a new telephone scam with the caller claiming to be from BT. The caller says they are calling from BT and advises your router has been compromised, possibly hacked by a neighbour. Often the caller has an Indian accent. They explain that unless the problem is sorted, the broadband supply will need to be terminated for security. The intention is to then ask you to remotely allow them to control your pc under the guise of accessing the router.

Why do we know this is a scam?

  1. BT do not know when your router has been accessed. They only know if there is a sharp increase is data transfer
  2. BT can access your router remotely and would not need to contact you.
  3. It is very difficult to access a router without knowing the wireless and router password,


The rule is simple. Do not allow anyone to access remotely access your pc unless they are a qualified IT engineer whom you know.

See the link below direct from the BT community