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Data Backup and Sync

Data Backup and Sync

Your business data is usually at its most vulnerable when stored on-site without proper backup procedures in place. Theft, misuse or accidental deletion can easily occur when files are stored unencrypted, on easily accessible, unsecured workstations. A ransom or malware attack on your local office network resulting in important files being locked or corrupted is an additional risk and concern if you haven’t got a recent data backup/sync to rely upon in this eventuality.

QLine IT offers the ability to have all your workstations’ data including emails and SharePoint documents automatically backed up to a centralised, encrypted (and therefore GDPR compliant) storage server using a schedule that will never impact your company’s active hours or slow down all-important IT infrastructure.

In the event of a recovery being required QLine IT can in most circumstances restore the necessary data remotely, meaning that your downtime is significantly reduced. 

Whether you use a sync tool to align with the company SharePoint or a standalone data backup solution, your data can be restored within minutes. 

Contact us to help create a complete data backup and sync solution plan which is easily adaptable and straightforward for all your staff to understand, meaning instant disaster recovery protection for your business.

Secure Offsite Data Backup and Sync

Having a secure offsite data backup is an enhanced step up from keeping just a local copy on your computer.

Our automated background data backup and sync process occur without your staff having to remember to back up, so human error is no longer a potential factor in the loss of data. QLine IT also offers 30-day versioning meaning any particular revision of a file within that time period is recoverable. You no longer have to worry about the contents of an important document or spreadsheet being accidentally overwritten by staff or your Clients. Should you ever be unfortunate enough to suffer a ransom or malware attack, versioning also allows us to restore your data by rolling back to a time just before the incident occurred keeping data loss to an absolute minimum. 

Our server providers are located within heavily secured data centres, using military-grade encryption with no public access meaning not only are you protected against direct theft, but it’s also your best option in protecting against cybercrime attacks and never experiencing a loss of critical company data.

In compliance with the recently introduced GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), all the server providers QLine IT use are based within the EU meaning a smooth transition from your current system and no requirement to notify your customers. Daily reports are also available, so you are easily able to track exactly what data you have stored in your offsite data backup at all times.

Sync Data Storage

For a seamless working environment across multiple sites, devices and personnel, you need sync data solutions.

Data sync backup allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a completely secure, off-site data backup service. The benefit is having that data available to selected staff on demand, regardless of whether they are in the same office, working from home or even in a different country.

As with a regular off-site backup, your data will be stored in secure data centres within the EU to simplify your ability to remain GDPR compliant. It also features up to 30 days versioning, so any incidents are easily recoverable.

Other features include SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) so your uploads and downloads cannot be intercepted, 256-bit encryption – the standard for military & government-owned data and two-factor authentication, so you can be sure any data on a device taken outside your organisation is safe from theft.

Of course, in practice, this technology works better by allowing your workforce to be more productive. Staff can collaborate on documents from different departments or offices, and share documents in a meeting, such as Microsoft Teams

Contact us with your requirements and we can provide a tailored package for your data backup and sync needs.

NAS Storage

A NAS (network attached storage) drive acts as a combination of online data storage combined with all the functionality of a traditional (larger, noisier and less economical) file server allowing your business to retain complete control of your data whilst allowing access to staff that require it, across all of their devices. Hierarchical controls enable you to keep sensitive data secured and available only on a level-by-level basis.

NAS technology can be a more cost-effective solution for all businesses that need to keep a large volume of data available to their workforce. Online storage can be limited by data size and have upload restrictions on active files. Selecting a NAS drive can offset online storage restrictions with the added benefits of a centralised and encrypted backup device. Additional features include hierarchical access, peer to peer networking and intuitive security protocols.

A NAS system is completely customisable to your business’s needs and can be as secure as all other backup and storage solutions. It can be installed alongside your existing network infrastructure in only a few hours. QLine IT uses Synology as our chosen provider.