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QLine IT has worked with a large children’s homes provider for over 10 years.

Our Client, like all children’s homes providers in this sector, is regulated by either OFSTED or the Scottish Care Inspectorate. Our Client has homes in both England and Scotland, as their IT provider, it is our responsibility to ensure IT and data protection compliance in both countries.

We are entrusted by our Client with the following IT matters:

Children's Home IT Support

All of the above solutions that we provide to our Client are streamlined to ensure compliance with OFSTED and the Scottish Care Inspectorate.

Looking after a Young Person within a children’s home is a massive undertaking and the legislation in both countries requires strict training for our Client’s staff and those of QLine IT.

We understand the critical importance of protecting a Young Person’s data is always the priority, but we also assist our Clients with the below

Individual WIFI

Each Young Person requires Internet access specific to their history and their court order. QLine IT has implemented individual wifi for each Young Person across each children’s home, which is filtered for safety and is also personalised with specific requests such as social media blocking or location geo fencing. This solution works across any internet-based device brought into the children’s homes, including gaming consoles and “undeclared devices”.

Children's Homes IT Support - WIFI
Hardware Monitoring - Children's Homes IT Support

Hardware Monitoring

A common request is to provide monitoring to a Young Person’s laptop. To ensure compliance with the relevant authorities, we always seek a social worker’s authority before adding our monitoring software. Our staff have been extensively trained to identify and ensure Client requests are compliant. Monitoring a Young Person’s device is intrusive but has proven to be life-saving. Our monitoring software can detect search terms such as “suicide” or “guns” and we can alert the staff of the relevant children’s home of potential self-injury.

Mobile MDM

A Young Person is not always aware of the dangers of chat rooms, social media sites or even general internet browsing. Using our specialist software, we can monitor mobile phones and tablets, restricting access to the operating system such as “settings”. Further, we can block specific IP addresses, websites, and chat rooms. Our aim is to help our Clients ensure the digital safety of every Young Person in their care. Each children’s home can have a separate profile for each Young Person’s phone or tablet.

Mobile Device Monitoring - Children's Homes IT Support
Children's IT Support Software


To assist our Client with compliance with all relevant legislation, our software on each and every pc, tablet, mobile phone and network device reports back to our office in real-time. We are monitoring for:

Regulation 44 (OFSTED)

Whilst most of Regulation 44 visits are not IT related, ensuring compliance involves software, GDPR and IT hardware. We currently assist our Client with Reg 44 compliance in various ways with our largest interaction being the nationwide rollout of market-leading database software. This online software is used in many children’s homes, allowing staff to record daily activities, risk assessments, incident sheets, etc.

As you will see from the above information, here at QLine IT, we know our onions when it comes to providing IT support to the childcare sector. If you just have 1 children’s home or 100, our solutions will help your business with critical compliance. We enjoy working with childcare providers and finding IT solutions for all challenges presented in this essential industry.

Our solutions are cost-effective and adaptable to your home. Every single one of our staff, (even the cleaners), have enhanced DBS checks.

We have strict policies in place to safeguard your data, with staff receiving regular training on GDPR and data security.

We can work alongside your current IT provider to assist if they are not providing one of the specific services listed above. Alternatively, if you want a complete IT Solution, contact us today.