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QLine Monitoring Contract

Not all businesses are the same, in either size or profitability: however, IT infrastructure needs constant attention. Here at QLine IT, we have a PC monitoring contract that will suit any budget. From £11.00 per month per computer, we can provide a high level of background support, ensuring each PC is running efficiency. The IT monitoring contract includes:

Monitoring including weekly maintenance

Whilst a computer monitoring contract does not include labour, it does provide the assurance the company infrastructure is being maintained. Often, QLine IT can see a problem before the Client knows it exists. Using the very latest in MSP technology, we can run remote scripts to rectify issues whilst the user is still working. Having a good relationship with a reputable IT support provider will also show compliance with GDPR.

Just like cars, computers need constant maintenance. Software updates, cache deletion, temporary file removal etc. The list goes on. If a pc is cluttered with out of date software or copies of old files, the machine will start to feel sluggish and become unreliable. This causes staff downtime, causing a lack of productivity. Weekly maintenance performed by our bespoke scrips will ensure every pc feels like new. Additionally, our automated monitoring of both hardware and software, helps reduce loss of data, prevent attacks on security and increase the lifespan of hardware.

IT Monitoring Contract Pricing

Number of Computers Computer/month
5-10 £15.00 + VAT
11-25 £12.75 + VAT
26+ £10.00 + VAT