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After staff, the most important asset to a business is IT, and in particular, a reliable and adaptive phone system. Ensuring customers can contact a business in a mutually beneficial way, will present a professional and trustworthy image. We have all tried calling a business and either the phone is not answered, or it diverts to a mobile voicemail. This is NOT the image any business should be showing to new or existing customers.

Telephony has come a long way since the installation of bulky PBX devices, landline attached phone handsets and costs per call. Technology now allows short contracts, versatility, scalability, and cheaper costs.

Yealink Phone

About 10 years ago, QLine IT started working with ONSIM as we needed an affordable telephony system. Originally having only a handful of staff, we were not always in the office and we didn’t want to use our personal mobiles. ONSIM provided a unique solution, allowing our landline number to be assigned to a sim card along with other features such as call recording, out of hours voicemail and many others.  Since we first started using ONSIM as a supplier, we now have a more symbiotic relationship and we work together on many projects, with many of our Clients using their services.

Alternatively, a business can setup a system so that only 1 sim rings but will then ring different sims if there is no answer. The alternatives are endless. These options also apply to desk handsets which have all the same features. 

No matter the size of your business, ONSIM can offer a personalised phone, mobile or internet solution, in some cases, starting from as little as £10.00 per month. These include:

Most of the above options will be familiar to you, however, we want to take the time to explain the main solution that so many of our Clients find invaluable. 

Man on The Phone

Mobile sim with a landline number – how it works:

Whilst the above is very simple, this solution is relatively unique. You can use any mobile phone you wish, no software is needed and data can be added should it be needed. The additional features offered by ONSIM make this simple sim into a very professional business solution. In addition, you can have a desk handset which works alongside any mobile sims on the platform 

Call Recording

In our opinion, having all calls automatically recorded gives business protection and training opportunities. Each time a call is made on any device, either mobile or a desk handset, the call is automatically recorded, and the recording is uploaded to your cloud storage. Within a minute of the call ending, you can listen to the conversation on any device. If you choose, you can also have your recordings emailed automatically to you. Should a Client dispute something said or accuses a staff member of saying something incorrectly, then you can quickly listen to the recording. 

Phone Call Recording
Phone Dialing

Virtual IVR

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a posh way of saying virtual switchboard. Depending on the size of the business, having a virtual IVR, allows calls to be distributed to certain departments or staff. Even if all the staff are on mobile phones working from home, an IVR will give Clients the choice to press 1 for accounts or 2 for customer service. The IVR is versatile, so if there is no answer from accounts after 6 rings, the caller can be diverted to another number or to a specific voicemail. 

Multiple Sims

It really doesn’t matter if the business is a sole trader or has 100 employees, the option to have as many or as few sims and desk handsets are always there. The same number can be on every sim, so when a Client calls, all the sims will ring until someone answers.  

Alternatively, a business can setup a system so that only 1 sim rings but will then ring different sims if there is no answer. The alternatives are endless. These options also apply to desk handsets which have all the same features. 



No longer are mainstream providers the only place to order internet for the office or home. Businesses use the internet not only in the traditional office but on temporary worksites and from staff homes. Internet access can now be provided via ADSL, Fibre, 4G, lease line and satellite. Contracts can be as short as 30 days. In addition, QLine IT offers, in partnership with Desk-phone, filtered internet. This allows internet traffic from a business, mobile, children’s home etc to be content filtered, only allowing approved content to be viewed by the user.  

In summary, no matter the size of business, QLine IT, in partnership with ONSIM, can provide efficient and expandable services, with affordable pricing and prompt customer service.