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Business IT Support for a new start-up business

Setting up a new start-up business should be an exciting adventure. Whilst the emphasis of a start-up is based on the individual industry, common factors are always present. Ensuring the correct IT infrastructure is crucial to the smooth running of any business.

Here at QLine IT, we have helped many small businesses from the point of conception to their continued expansion. From providing a professional email address to a new laptop, we can help with any IT solutions. It doesn’t matter if the business is a sole trader or has 100 employees, our experience will help any business grow.

QLine IT provides a range of start-up business solutions including:

IT Support for Start-up Businesses

When starting down the road of becoming a company owner, no matter if the start-up business is a coffee shop or a PR company, looking after a Client’s data is critical to compliance with current UK law. There are heavy penalties for failure to protect data.

Data Protection and GDPR

Whilst seemingly the same, there is a subtle difference. When registering a new business, a Data Protection certificate is needed, obtained from the Information Commissioners Office. GDPR, a relatively new legislation needs to be implemented by all businesses. It is a business owner’s obligation to ensure procedures are in place (and adhered to), protecting Clients’ data. Whilst not expensive, these procedures can be complex to implement.

GDPR and Data Protection
Small Business IT Support

Hardware Provision

This can be the exciting part. What laptop or desktop is needed? What specification is needed? What about a printer, scanner or mouse or speakers? The list goes on. Having an IT support company on hand who are experts in choosing the correct equipment for the provided solution is where QLine IT can save a start-up business time and money. If you were to buy from a computer store, the first question normally asked is “how much do you have to spend”. The question first asked by QLine IT will be “what do you do, what do you need your hardware to do?”

Email / Domain

So, you are registered for GDPR, you have a shiny new laptop, and hopefully, you have chosen your new business name. Whether a sole trader (personal name trading as) or a limited company, now it is time to be seen on the internet. Choosing a domain is one of the most important parts of a start-up business. Securing a domain represents a business or business name with an online presence. Having an email linked to the domain will reinforce a professional image of your new business.

emails and domains.jpg

VOIP number / Telephony setup

The most important part of any start-up business, new or established, is the ability for customers to be able to get in contact. It might be by email, or via the website, but the most common method is via phone. Using current technology. VoIP is now the most efficient technology, using the data from an internet connection, rather than a dedicated phone line. Additional advantages to VoIP are short contracts, multiple locations, mobile SIM or Deskphone hardware.

Internet / 4G options

As technology improves, the UK’s ADSL or fibre technology does not necessarily update at the same rate. The location of a UK business determines the speed of internet access. The good news is that more options are now available to ensure high-speed access including 4G, fibre, satellite or ADSL. QLine IT has teamed up with Onsim as our chosen internet provider. Onsim provides excellent customer service and a wide range of internet solutions. The days of 24-month contracts have now gone, with solutions starting at just 30 days.

Internet for small businesses
Data sharing and backup

Data Sharing / Backup

The sharing and backup of data are critical to the smooth running of any business. When starting a new venture, utilising the ability to share data with other staff makes for efficient business. It doesn’t matter if staff are in the same room or in an office 200 miles away, data sharing solutions have never been so simple or cost-efficient. Once a solution is in place, ensuring the safe backup of this data is equally important. QLine IT can provide a range of IT solutions for the backup and retrieval of business data.

IT Security

Finally, no matter what IT infrastructure has been set up, protecting the computers, data, emails and network is essential. From firewalls to virus protection to DNS web filtering, QLine IT can protect businesses, staff and Clients from malicious software, hackers, trojan emails and much more. Digital data and infrastructure should be protected with the same incentive as the contents of a home. Loss of data can be as painful as theft of personal possessions.

IT Security

QLine IT is here to make your journey into business as pain-free as possible. We can provide a free consultation to assist with the setup of your new business. No matter the size of your new business, contact us for our professional and experienced help.