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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 2018 –Just another EU rule?

GDPR is the new regulation that replaces the Data Protection Act. This legislation affects every business and individual that holds information, not only in the UK but also within Europe. Whilst the entire Act is 261 pages long, QLine IT are able to provide our Clients with guidance on how to ensure compliance.

GDPR regulations 2018 compliance is not about spending money but more about improving internal procedures, IT security and hardware monitoring. QLine IT has staff qualified in GDPR compliance and additionally has gained the Cyber Essentials accreditation.

Do not ignore your obligations under this new legislation. The fines can be up to 20 million Euros. For just a few hours labour, QLine IT can help get up to date with your compliance.

Can you answer YES to the following questions? If you answer no, then you need our help.

Above are just a few questions the ICO will ask if you have a data breach.

Implementation of GDPR compliance is not difficult and more about common sense. Ensure data is protected, only hold data that is needed etc. Look at the media on which you store data, USB drives, DVD’s and cloud storage. Are these media formats encrypted? Do you have have 2 step authentication protecting your on line accounts?

QLine IT can help ensure your GDPR compliance. Keep your data protected!

Data Encryption Security

Encrypting your business data is one of the strongest recommendations of the GDPR legislation and to this end, it is essential as a first line defence against data loss.

Encryption means “the process of converting information or data into a code, especially to prevent unauthorised access”. In everyday parlance, it means to lock your data.

Every computer we maintain is fully capable of continuing to operate to its maximum businesses potential whilst having its data fully encrypted.

Secure Passwords

With the new GDPR legislation making itself known, QLine IT has assisted our existing Clients to ensure they meet the new rigorous standards. There are many ways to keep your data safe however, the most obvious method is often ignored. Passwords are frustrating, they are difficult to remember, or to change or to think of a different password for each website and login. However, a good password could save you from identity fraud or prevent unauthorised access to your data. 

The most common type of password used is a dog’s name, or a date of birth or a street name. Simply passwords are often guessable or easily cracked. Using a password that contains something personal to the user is the most insecure type of password.

The answer is a randomly generated password. The minimum length should be 8 characters.

Online software, such as will provide you with randomly generated characters to make your password secure, meeting industry password standards.

Obviously, you will never remember these new passwords, so we recommend using a secure password vault in which you can securely store passwords for all sites and profiles. A good password vault is

If you change your passwords at least every 2 months, use unique passwords for each website and randomly generate your passwords, you will decrease the risk of fraud.

IT AV Malware Protection

In the sphere of IT, there are no greater causes of long term downtime than when your business is affected by a virus, malware or ransomware. Each of these pose their own individual set of problems but collectively they can all cost you critical company data, productivity and therefore time and money if not dealt with correctly; in fact, the threat of cyber-crime ranks higher than physical theft in a recent study of UK bosses’  biggest security threat to their business.

As a professional managed IT provider, QLine IT are advocates of always being prepared for such eventualities by never leaving a client’s computer systems unprotected. 

Our comprehensive suite of IT AV malware protection software tools combined with an automated system which continually scans to identify and contain threats before they can cause damage to your business network is the best way to ensure your workflow can continue uninterrupted.

These safe guards come as standard with all QLine IT maintained hardware, we also offer complete off & on-site backup services so that even in the event of an attack occurring, your data is always fully recoverable.