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VoIP Phone and Internet Solutions

VoIP Phone and Internet Solutions

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, is now used by the majority of businesses as their chosen phone system.

A traditional phone system works directly through the fixed-line and is provided by the carrier. VoIP works via your router and uses the internet allowing the business to choose any provider.

QLine IT have exclusively used Onsim as our chosen supplier for many years, having absolute trust in our partner’s products, customer service and integrity. Onsim offer solutions for all sizes of business, from sole trader to nationwide offices.

From as little as £10.00 per month, services include call logging, recording, voicemail, personalised voiceover and much more. Onsim is fairly unique in its provision of services, providing solutions that fit a Client’s needs.

With more staff having to work from home, it is even more important to have a phone system that enables your company’s professional image.

Using a VoIP phone system, calls made from home by your staff show the outgoing call ID of your business, providing seamless integration. Staff are able to make calls as though they are in the office and are able to use the usual “hold” and “transfer” procedures.

If you are not happy with your current supplier, transfer to our system is quick and easy. Number porting is also available, so a business can continue using the same number. In addition, your business number can be added to a mobile sim, providing the same features as a normal office phone.

Having a modern and flexible telecoms solution is so important in this time of change. Being able to modulate capacity during peak times will allow your company to remain cost effective. In as little as 5 days, your company could be using a modern telecoms solution and saving money.

Click here for our dedicated information page on VoIP phone and internet services provided by Onsim

ADSL, Fibre and 4G/5G Internet Solutions

QLine IT can now provide internet solutions to your business, from ADSL, Fibre to the cabinet (FCC), Fibre to the property (FTP) and dedicated lease lines.

We understand the importance of a fast internet solution within a business, and we also understand you can’t always get the speeds and reliability you need from a standard provider.

QLine IT (through our dedicated supplier), is able to provide service to your business, ensuring you have the fastest connection available.

Depending on the office location, different options will be available. The deciding factor is your distance from the local exchange. Standard ADSL is now being replaced with fibre. Fibre connection (short for fibre optic), replaces your copper analogue phone line with a fibre optic cable, which is the same as a cable connection. Fibre provides far greater internet speeds, typically up to 4 times greater speed.

In areas where fibre is not possible, the only option is a leased line. This is a dedicated internet connection to your business. These are much more expensive than ADSL or fibre but can be a necessity if your business requires faster speeds.

Finally, if you are unable to get any of the above due to location, then QLine IT can provide 5G or 4G connectivity. Exactly the same technology as your mobile phone, 5G / 4G connections can provide internet speeds up to 250MBPS which is comparable with ADSL. Whilst not always as reliable, this mobile internet solution does have certain benefits to a business including flexible short contracts.

Now that many companies are asking staff to work from home, it is even more important to ensure your office has fast and reliable internet. Accessing your business NAS or server will be the key activity of your staff. Slow internet at your office when accessing data remotely can cause data loss, staff downtime and lower productivity.

Unlike many telecom companies, here at QLine IT we do not believe in long term telecoms contracts. Our dedicated supplier offers contracts from 30 days, allowing complete flexibility in this ever-changing commercial landscape.