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Mobile Device Management...Your Way

MDM (Mobile Device Management) is one of the most useful tools you can implement within your business. In this modern age, company mobile phones are given to staff for use in their employment. However, if you don’t lock the phone utilities, do you know what your staff are using the phone for?

Whilst you might ask “why do we need to limit mobile phone applications?”, there are many, many good reasons as shown below. However, before we address these, let’s explain how MDM actually works. Remember, MDM can be applied to any mobile device, including tablets, with either IOS or Android. Even older phones can have MDM applied.

MDM is a method of restricting a mobile device from being used as normal. As a company, you can restrict the device by applying your own profile. Restrictions can be anything you wish, from only allowing the mobile to be used for making/receiving calls, or only allowing certain websites to be viewed. 

By using MDM, you have complete control of the mobile device you give to staff or a Young Person. This helps save on wasted time (a staff member sitting on YouTube during working hours) or ensuring a Young Person isn’t getting access to unsuitable content or dubious chat rooms. However, MDM can offer many more benefits as shown below.

Benefits of MDM

So how can MDM help your business, and in particular, each children’s home site?

• Limitation of websites the user can visit

• Individual restriction profiles for each group of staff, management, head office, carers etc

• Specific restrictions for applications such as camera, Bluetooth, WIFI, NFC

• Company-wide changes. For example, a new app can be remotely deployed to all devices

• Tracking of each mobile phone plus the ability to remotely lock or wipe

• Ability to stop the user from installing new applications or deleting applications

• MDM profiles can be applied to all Apple and Android OS

• Geo-Fence limitations can be applied

• Limit connectivity of the phone WIFI or Bluetooth to chosen networks/devices

• Data usage can be monitored and capped

MDM costs

As you will see from the benefits above MDM is such a useful tool for any employer who provides mobile phones to their staff. In addition, with the social worker’s authorisation, you can provide a mobile phone to a Young Person in your care, and ensure inappropriate content along with chat rooms etc, is blocked. 

MDM while not expensive, is a subscription product. Paid monthly, the cost starts from £4.00 per month per device, depending upon the number of devices. This really is a small price to pay to ensure not only the safe usage by your staff and Young People but also the many benefits above.

As the MDM can be applied to any Android or Apple device, you are not limited on what mobile phones your company supplies. In addition, MDM can be applied to a mobile already in use. By following a few simple procedures, we can apply your company MDM profile to any phone, anywhere in the world. MDM also applies to tablets and any device, including personal radios, as long as they run IOS or Android.