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Children's Homes SharePoint with 365

Centralise Your Data with Microsoft 365


The platform is designed to be a central data server for single or multiple homes/sites. SharePoint also has the capability to be used as an intranet for providing staff with news, announcements, ongoing projects, file sharing and company information as well as sharing to external organisations.

Microsoft SharePoint is easy to manage and cost effective since there is no hardware involved, the only costings involved would be licensing for the users.

SharePoint can be used within the browser or by syncing with OneDrive which sits installed on a PC or Mac stopping users from signing in frequently in the browser. All children’s homes/sites can have connected data, which has allocated hieratical access.

Data Security

The best way of securing your business data in SharePoint is to control the way staff access the data. By turning on two-factor authentication for staff accounts, if a password is compromised, the second factor authentication (2FA) will kick in and will provide that extra layer on security for access. Data held and shared within children’s homes is classed as highly sensitive and SharePoint security will ensure the highest level of protection.

Microsoft use high level, “best-in-class” encryption for client communication with the cloud server. Even if staff are using OneDrive which links to SharePoint, data is sent across the internet using SSL/TLS connection. These connections are ultra-secure and designed for the type of data held by care institutions.

Benefits of SharePoint

Key benefits of SharePoint:

• Increases employee productivity when used to collaborate
• Real time editing function which can be used in Teams calls
• Easily share documents
• Advanced level protection of cloud data
• Customized to meet business needs
• Integration with other Microsoft products
• Version history for documents

Whilst there are other data sharing solutions such as NAS drives, cloud storage and on-site data storage, QLine IT has proven experience that SharePoint provides the best, secure, end user experience.

Your Data in SharePoint

When staff are working in SharePoint, they can share and collaborate simultaneously on documents without the risk of corruption and data loss. This is ideal for sharing data between homes and head office. SharePoint offers version history, providing the ability for documents to be restored.

Unlike data stored locally, having your data in SharePoint means that if any device is lost there is no need to worry as the data can be synced back to an alternate device and staff can continue where they left off.

Like most businesses that do not have dedicated teams to assist with SharePoint, QLine IT can offer the expertise of experienced engineers who can set up your SharePoint sites allowing the optimal sharing of data within your children’s home network.