Covid Virus Update

Throughout the current Coronavirus pandemic, PC Repair Leeds will maintain IT support to existing and new Clients.

We have listed below some useful information.


Due to many people now working from home, computer equipment such as laptops, desktops, wireless adapters and monitors are in short supply and very difficult to source. Those that are available have increased in price. If you do need any of the aforementioned items, please let us know and we will do our best to source them for you.

Mobile Reception

Due to more people relying on their mobile phones and “hotspotting”, the mobile phone networks are taking a hit. We have noticed much slower internet speed and intermittent phone signals. This should be resolved in the coming days the network providers work to improve capacity.


Whilst necessity means work laptops and computers are now being used at home, we would remind Clients the GDPR legislation is still in force and it is important to ensure you protect your work data. Ensure your computer has a password and you do not allow other family members to use your work device.

Home / Business visits

We are doing our best to minimise onsite callouts and we are discouraging Clients visiting our offices. The majority of IT issues can be fixed remotely. If you need assistance, please visit our contact form or call us.


Our charges will remain the same during this unprecedented situation.

Whilst these times are proving a challenge, PC Repair Leeds are here help in any way we can.

Stay safe!