Default Programs – Windows 10

Windows 10

Have you ever wondered why your favourite program in Windows is no longer a default application? Does Microsoft Edge now open your PDF’s or does your music player look different?

Since Windows 10, default programs used to open a particular file are reset when Microsoft releases a new Windows build. This happens several times a year and can be annoying. Whilst there is no way currently to prevent this, we can show you how to quickly get your favourite programs to open by default.

Adobe Reader Default porgram


Adobe Reader is the most chosen program used to open PDF (Portable Document Format). To make Adobe Reader the default PDF reader, go to your documents and find a PDF document. (If you cant find an existing PDF document, go to your email program and look for a PDF attachment. Once you have located an attachment, right click and save it to your desktop). Now right click on the document and left click properties. Click on the word “change” and select Adobe Reader. Click Apply and Close.


Set a default program in Windows 10


Microsoft Outlook is a popular Email Client and used by most businesses to access their email. To make Outlook your default email program, search for Control Panel using the search bar in the bottom left of your screen. Then click on Default Programs. Next click on “Set your default programs”. Wait for the programs to load. Scroll down to Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016. Highlight the entry then click on “Set this program to Default”. Click OK

Chrome Icon


Google Chrome is the most commonly used internet browser. To set this program to default, use the same procedure as above.


Windows music playerThe default music player is a little different. iTunes, one of the most popular music players will ask if you want to make it the default music program each time the program is opened. However, if you are not an Apple fan, you can simply use Windows Media Player which is the built in music player. The above procedure will once again work for this option. Due to the way iTunes works, it can be very dominant on your pc. If you do not want to use it as your chosen music player, simply uninstall the program.


VLC player

Finally, your chosen video player may not be installed on Windows 10. Depending on the version of OS, you may find that DVD’s or films will not play as there is not a video player installed. This is easy to fix. Simply search online for VLC Player. This fantastic program is free, and plays nearly all formats of video. Simply download and install and you have a new and reliable way to watch your favourite films.


We hope you find the above useful. If you have any queries, PC Repair Leeds is always here to help.