Do i pay for anti-virus?


Here at PC Repair, we are frequently asked  “is it worth paying for anti-virus?” and “what is is the difference between paid and free versions?” We will answer these questions below but we always advise Clients to use a paid version of anti-virus. PC Repair recommends Avast anti-virus software.

Why pay?

Anti-virus software protects your computer against virus, spyware and malware intrusions. Anti-virus software that is labelled “internet security” will additionally provide you an extra firewall and browser security. The development and constant updating of virus definitions is very costly hence a small charge is made to maintain the software. As the proverb goes, nothing is free. If you use the free option of any anti-virus software, compromises will need to be made, as shown below. However, when you are paying for a product, you will receive:

  • Virus definitions updated more frequently
  • Deeper scans
  • Ransomware protection (dependant upon the brand)
  • Email support
  • Additional browser protection
  • Able to use within business environment

Your computer contains highly sensitive information such as credit and bank card details. In addition any connection your computer has to other items in the home or office such as CCTV, smart products and other networked computers. Your data including CV’s (which contain enough data to help an attacker commit identity fraud), pictures, music and documents are all at risk 24/7.

To look at if from another perspective. Would you use a piece of string to lock your house front door or do you chose a robust and insurance approved locks? The principle is the same. For the sake of around £25.00 a year, it makes sense to protect your data and identity.

What is the difference?

From the information above, you will be able to already work out what the difference is between a free and paid for edition of anti-virus software. If you are a business, however small, you should be paying for anti-virus and business use is prohibited from all free version software. In addition, a business needs the paid version to enable compliance with GDPR legislation. We strongly advise home users to use paid anti-virus to enable the highest level of protection.

If you value your identity, your data and the safety of your computer, chose a paid anti-virus solution. Is your security not worth 60p per week?

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