Go Daddy SPAM on Exchange


As a customer of Go DADDY, we have recently experienced a major issue with increased SPAM. After investigation, we can confirm that all clients on Exchange 2010 with Go DADDY will be affected. Due to corruption of the spam filters, there are no spam filters currently in place. This means you will be receiving viruses, spam and malware intrusions through your email.

This problem has been going on since the beginning of July 2014 and Go DADDY are not forecasting any completion date to resolving the problem. Instead, they have advised swapping to Office 365 (the new exchange) which is hosted on Microsoft’s servers.

In frustration, we have swapped the servers and the problem has been resolved .Personally, i believe it to be very poor service by Go DADDY, as they have made no attempt to inform clients. They have only now agreed to refund any unused part of Exchange 2010.

If you are experiencing similar problems, please get in touch with PC Repair Leeds and we can advise on the correct procedure on upgrading your Exchange.