Greater Manchester Police / Drivesafe – Fake email

The latest spam email doing the rounds is an email purporting to be from Greater Manchester Police and linked to Drivesafe. The email looks like this:

Scam email from Manchester Police

The email is designed to look like a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP), ordinarily received through the post, and it looks quite imposing and genuine. The idea is the scammers want you to click the link in the middle of the page, “Check the photographic evidence”. If you click this link, you get taken to the below page.

Fake website Manchester Police Speeding notice


Again, the page looks authentic and then to achieve their goal, the scammers want you to enter the characters in the middle of the page. If you do this, an automatic zipped download will commence. Once you have downloaded the zip file and extracted the contents, software will be downloaded and which will infect your computer.

If you look at the URL below, you will see that the website is not genuine.

fake website of Greater Manchester Police

Please see here for the actual drivesafe website and you will note they are already aware of this scam. Police will never contact you via email and any motoring summons or action will be advised by post. If you think about it, how would the police get your email from your car registration?