Heartbleed – Should you be concerned.

Password on screen

You may have heard from the news about Heartbleed and wondering what all the fuss is about and how it affects you? Put in a nutshell, Heartbleed is a problem with online servers that store a history of visits made. The stored information (cache) is vulnerable to attack. The problem is not with your computer and you need not do anything to change the security of your pc.

However, what you can do and frequently should do, is CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS.

Whilst we agree it is critical to ensure you have a good anti-virus product on your computer it is just as important to regularly change your passwords for websites, banking and your pc itself. Regularly means at least every 2 months. We understand it is difficult to to remember constantly changing passwords, but it is vital to ensure your online security.

Most of the large online companies with servers that may have been compromised have now resolved the issue by updating the server software. If you have changed your passwords, then you need not worry about this problem but ALWAYS remain vigilant and frequently change your passwords.