How important are backups…?

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Back ups as you know (or if you don’t) are extremely important whether you are in your work place or at home. We use our PCs in our everyday life, storing crucial data on computer systems, turning a blind eye to what devastating consequences you may encounter if your files become corrupt or you lose them by accident. Even natural disasters can leave you in ruins.

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Only YOU are responsible for backing up your data and without one, you have nothing to fall back on.

Data is a collection of information that you, the user have saved on a computer system. Once you save your data, it is saved once on the machine you are working on therefore your data is in potential danger of being damaged or lost.

Back ups can be free! it is all down to you to make sure you have your system backed up in a safe and secure manner. Creating multiple backups prevents loss, just in case any other back ups fail.

Methods for backing up your documents include:

Dropbox –  This great cloud service stores your photos, documents, videos and other files. Anything that you add to it will automatically show on computers and phones, letting you gain access to your files anywhere!

USB/External Hard drive – USB devices and external hard drives are the most common form of back up. Simpy purchase a USB that has enough memory to hold your files and plug it in your machine. After inserting it into your machine, drag the data you want to back up onto the USB folder! Its as easy as that…….do not forget to safely remove your USB.

CD Backup – Creating a back up to a CD is simple. Just like a USB, you can drag your files over to the CD folder. Make sure the CD capacity is big enough to hold your data ! if not, use multiple CDs!

Network backup – You may choose to map a network drive to your computer system, this is handy if you want to free up some local space on your current system. Your data is stored on a machine that is connected to the network then you can have access to your files at any time on the same network.

We cannot stress enough how import it is to backup your data. We all know what happens when you don’t !

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