Laptop v PC

Ultra thin laptop

When it comes to choosing which would suit you best, a laptop or a desktop PC, there are a bewildering number of choices.

Buying a new computer system can leave you unsure as to what option would benefit you best. Laptop and desktop PCs come in different sizes and have different specificationLaptops. There are several advantages to each option with each option being beneficial to you.


The main deciding factor is where are you going to use your computer. Will it stay in the house or office, or will it be taken away with you on holiday or move from work to home? If you are thinking of a laptop, then dont forget to consider weight in addition to the below options. Laptops vary tremendously in weight an if you are looking for a light weight laptop, you might need to consider a smaller screen.


Generally, desktop computers are more powerful than a laptop. Due to compaq design of a laptop, smaller components are used than a conventional pc and consequently this means less powerful CPU’s are used.


A laptop can rarely be upgraded apart from ram and hard drive. Unlike a desktop, you cant upgrade the graphics card or power supply unit. This means the specification of the unit remains the same throughout its life. A desktop pc can easily be upgraded to encompass a more powerful graphics card and sometimes even the processor can be upgraded.


A laptop is always more expensive to repair. A new keyboard on a laptop can cost as much as £65 yet a standard pc keyboard costs as little as £6. A new monitor can easily be changed on a desktop pc yet a cracked laptop screen will need an engineer which costs.


Desktop pcWhen it comes to brands, this matters in a laptop but not so much in a desktop pc. Always buy a well known brand of laptop. A good brand of laptop will be well built and the internal parts will be easy to obtain if needed. A cheaper or unknown brand will cost you money in the long term as parts will be hard to obtain.

We hope the above acts as a solid guide when you buy your next computer. What ever you buy, remember to look for an Intel I5 processor (a good strong engine) and at least 4GB ram.

Should you want any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.