Logmein – Free is ending


LogMeIn today released the information they are withdrawing the free version of the popular software. LogMeIn Free allows the connection from one pc to another. Ideal if you want to login to your computer at home from work. LogMeIn have 1.5million free users. PC Repair Leeds, like most computer companies, uses LogMeIn although, we pay for the business version, known as Central. However, many of our clients have been given no notice of the service withdrawal and LogMeIn have issued the statement today (21st January) and stated the free service will end today.

This is very unprofessional, and the forums appear to be overloaded with customers of the same opinion. If a longer notice period have been given, customers might be able to find alternatives software providers. PC Repair Leeds have spoken to LogMeIn and to say the staff sounded stressed would be an understatement. Whoever made this decision is not very popular at the moment.

For any clients worried about this change, please contact PC Repair Leeds today. A well known alternate supplier to this software is Team Viewer.  A link has been added below.