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Issues related to Microsoft Office.

Our clients are currently experiencing issues with Microsoft Office especially within Outlook. We have looked into these problems and tried several solutions, such as raising high priority support tickets with Microsoft to help get these issues out the way. At this time, Microsoft do not have any answers. These issues are becoming more and more frequent and are issues beyond our control. Current known Microsoft Office issues, are explained below.

The instant search function in Office 2011 on MAC and Office 2013 on windows. The instant search functions appears to not pick up and search any keywords that the user inputs, this can become very frustrating when clients perform a search through their emails and then having to manually scroll through hundreds of emails to locate the one they want. This search function error is very time consuming and annoying if you have a large email inbox.

Microsoft Office Issues - Instant search problem


Microsoft Office Issues on MAC El Capitan

Apple Mac OS El Capitan using Microsoft Office 2011. The El Capitan OS update for MAC seems to throw a massive problem of functionality. Currently Office 2011 on MAC OS x El Capitan keeps freezing and crashing on users according to Macforums. Reasons are as yet unknown, but the only way this will be resolved is to upgrade to Office 2016, until new updates for Office 2011 which will hopefully make it run better.

One final issue reported is that Office 365 may give you a notification that your “Office has expired” or your office is an “Unlicensed product”. This error message is temporary until you then reinstall Office. This full reinstall will replace all files from the old one and it will clear this error message once you sign back into your office account.

Micrososft Office Issues-Unlicensed Product error