Need a new computer?

Desktop computer

PC Repair Leeds would be privileged to build your new work or home computer. Our computers all come with a 2 year parts warranty and are hand built with experience.antec case

Buying a new pc is difficult as there are so many options available with the specifications meaning little to most people. PC Repair Leeds will supply you with a fast computer, running the latest Intel processor. Our standard build is just £400 including VAT, which gives you:

Windows 7
Intel I3 4170 dual core (4 threads processor)
4GB 1600 Ram
Gigabyte Motherboard
500GB Western Digital Hard Drive.

Feedback we have received from our Clients is the overall dissatisfaction for Windows 8.1 which is the only operating system being sold on the high street at this time. We can provide Windows 7 PRO or HOME.

If you would like one of our hand build computers, contact us today. If you require an alternate specification, we would be happy to quote.