Protect your computers from cyber attack


Following the global cyber attacks on organisations including the NHS, we have setup a guide that will help towards protecting your data and computer. There is never a “fail safe” method of protecting against a malware or ransomware attack, but you can’t be held to ransom if your data is protected and backed up. See our recent article on the NHS attack and also on how to backup your data.

Following the below basic steps will help prevent ransomware accessing your computer.

  1. Ensure you have a Windows password. We advise using a local password rather than a Microsoft login. 
  2. If you are not already running Windows 10, and are using an older system such as Windows 7 or 8.1, we recommend upgrading to Windows 10. 
  3. Internet Explorer is more susceptible to threats than browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  4. Frequently check for 3rd party remote software such as Team Viewer and GoTo Assist. If you don’t need it, uninstall
  5. When you have finished using your computer, ensure all applications are closed and all data saved
  6. If you have JAVA or Adobe Flash installed, uninstall unless you need these applications
  7. Check carefully before installing updates, especially from pop-ups
  8. Never open an attachment or click a link within an email unless you are 100% certain it is genuine
  9. Empty your Downloads folder frequently as malware and viruses will often be downloaded to this location
  10. Clear and empty your browser history
  11. Ensure your data is backed up daily to both a local external device and a cloud backup option
  12. Change your passwords at least every month, especially for social media logins
  13. We suggest installing Malwarebytes and AVG. Get into the routine of manually running these software at least once a week

If your computer is part of a network, either at home or work, in the event of any computer being attacked and receiving a ransom, immediately shut down all other computers, NAS devices and servers.

PC Repair Leeds can provide support for both business and residential Clients. Not only can we monitor your systems 24/7 but we can provide monitored backup solutions and perform weekly remote maintenance to ensure all the above steps are adhered to. Our residential contracts are only £10.00 per month. Once a computer is infected it needs to be wiped and the software installed. This process can take 2 hours which is costly and causes expensive “downtime” to businesses.