Computer Clean-Up

PC format… What is a format?

Sometimes maintenance alone will not help your PC. On these occasions, the computer might be badly infected with malware and the time needed to perform adequate maintenance would exceed performing a format.

A format is a procedure to effectively wipe your hard drive and reinstall the operating System.

Rather than tidying the files on your computer, a backup of your data is taken and once wiped, the operating system is “clean”, thus removing any known or unknown issues.

At this time, clients can also take the opportunity to upgrade their operating system to Windows 10. Any system older than Windows 10 may experience compatibility issues with new software and 3rd party software withdrawing support for older systems. Microsoft have advised that Windows 10 will be their last OS with annual updates.

The effect of a format upon your computer is similar to bringing home a brand new PC from the shop. All the software will be correctly installed; all drivers will be up to date and the operating system will be a fresh install rather than being upgraded on top of a previous iteration.

The benefits of a format are numerous including:

Your computer working quicker and quieter

Most personalisations can be backed up prior to the format, such as bookmarks, desktop icons and of course all personal data including pictures, documents and music. Once a computer has been returned to you after a format, it’s the ideal time to perform some housekeeping. This means going through your data, archiving, backing up and organising it into folders.

As the procedure is relatively time consuming, we will often recommend changing the hard drive for an SSD (Solid State Drive) at the same time. This will guarantee extended longevity for your PC, Mac or laptop.

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