IT support monitoring

Keeping your computer and home network safe, around the clock

At QLine IT, we understand that you may want the reassurance of business grade IT support for your home PC or home office.. It doesn’t matter if you have just one laptop in your lounge or several computers in your garden office, we want to provide that peace of mind.

That’s where our Remote Monitoring & Maintenance package can be the ideal solution. Using automated software, we can provide support from as little as £12 per month per computer. Our systems will monitor your computers, perform weekly maintenance without any disruption to the day to day running of your business and report any problems to you as soon as they occur. And if you need us to visit you on-site, you will receive a reduced labour rate.

As a contract Client of QLine IT, you will enjoy much more than weekly IT support maintenance. Our staff are available to provide support in many areas, including daily backups, cloud storage, email setup and Office 365 provision.

We offer peace of mind so that no matter what your IT issue, you know there is a friendly voice at the end of the phone. Because we are monitoring your computer, we are already a step closer to resolving your issue. Your personal computer needs just as much maintenance and support as a computer in a workplace. Data such as photographs or home accounts can often be irreplaceable so knowing your computer is supported is crucial.

IT Support maintenance contracts start from as little as £12.00 per month.

We think this is a small cost to ensure the safety and efficiency of your computer. A regularly-maintained computer will last longer and work quicker. We can send you weekly reports of the threads found by your anti-virus software, of the results of your weekly maintenance scan, and of the status of your off-site backups (if you chose this option). QLine IT work hard for the monthly maintenance fee.

In addition to the below benefits, QLine IT will ensure your computer is safe and has the latest software installed. As and when important issues occur, we will send you updated emails warning of the latest virus infections, email scams, Microsoft updates and much more. If you are looking for peace of mind, contact us today.

Webroot Anti-Virus Software

Our remote monitoring & maintenance service will provide you with many benefits:

QLine IT support in more detail...

24/7 Monitoring

365 days a year
Whenever your computer is on, our system will monitor temperatures, hard drive capacity, CPU / RAM usage, unusual internet activity and other potential issues. If an issue is found, we will receive a report and we can then act proactively to minimise your downtime.

Remote IT Support

and we will help you with any problems that arise
Even though your computer will be 24/7 monitored, there are times when you might need extra assistance. We will be able to remotely access your PC and assist with any problems you might have. This is much more cost effective than a physical site visit.

Active Virus and Malware Scans

Keeping your software up to date
It is imperative that your anti-virus (Webroot only) and malware software is up to date and fully active. We will ensure your computer is always fully protected.

Discount Labour Rates

for any time we need to come to you
If you require attendance at your home / business, or if you need any remote work undertaken, we will discount our usual labour rate.

Weekly Maintenance

Keeping your computer running to optimum performance
The more frequently your computer is maintained, the more efficiently it will run and the less likely you are to require a full system format. We will run 10 different maintenance scripts every week. These will run in the background and will not stop you from working. We will send a report each week to confirm any issues found.

Priority Call-Out

Putting you first!
As a valued contract client, we will provide you with a priority call-out service if needed. This means we will endeavour to attend within 24 hours (usually sooner). We do not charge any extra for the priority call-out, just our guaranteed discounted rate as always.

Backup Confirmation

Keeping your data safe
Finally, with your smoothly running computer, you will need to know your data is safe and backed up. Our monitoring system will ensure that your backup is working and effective. If you do not have a backup, we can provide this additional service.

Best Value

Just £12 per month
Our unique service starts at just £12.00 per computer, per month. . Get in touch and speak to our friendly experts today.