PC Build

We will build your custom PC

Bespoke or custom build computers can have many benefits over off the shelf models. You can choose all aspects of the build, from cost, style, components to the colour of the LED lights. Custom build PC’s can be for any implementation. QLine IT has built for gamers, video designers, architects and many other industry led requirements.

Just because it is hand-built doesn’t make it more expensive. The argument that custom build computers cost more is not necessarily true. You are getting exactly the specification you require for the agreed cost. If you were to buy an off the shelf computer which meets your specification, you might be paying for additional components you don’t need or use. This can be a false economy.


When you get a custom pc build by QLine IT, we give you the assurance you need. 2 years hardware warranty. We stand by the quality of parts we supply and the compatibility of the hardware. Understanding your intended use of the computer allows us to provide hardware that is gives you the best performance and durability.

Ordering a custom pc build allows you to fine tune each part. Whether it is a specific graphics card, water cooling rather than air, 2TB SSD drive or a 5TB mechanical. The choice is yours. QLine IT will put together your requirements and provide a custom build computer to rival no other.

The benefits of investing in a QLine custom PC build

An easy process to build your custom PC


We want to make the process of ordering your custom pc to be easy and quick.

In the first instance, we will have a conversation with you to ascertain your needs, requirements and budget.

Next, we will identify any areas that might need clarification and work with you to agree on a final component list that fits with your budget.

After you have agreed to our quote, we will order the parts and start the build. Depending on delivery times of parts, we can normally have a custom build ready for collection or delivery within 5 working days from your initial contact with us.

Our many years of pc building experience will ensure you get the custom build you want along with many years of happy use.