PC Maintenance

Annual PC Maintenance Service

When your computer is running slow or the odd error message appears, it’s time to book it in for annual PC maintenance. Your computer or laptop needs attention, just like a car. Each year, you MOT and service your car, ensuring everything is working as it should be. Your computer is no different.

Inside your laptop or computer there are moving parts (such as inside the hard drive and power supply). These parts naturally start to become worn and clogged with dust, which can over time cause issues such as a short in the PSU or component failure on the motherboard. Whilst keeping your operating system and other software up to date is very important, hardware is often overlooked.

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Improving your PC's efficiency and optimising its speed

Every day, your computer accepts updates to software, virus definitions and new programs. Over time, your computer will become slower as temporary files are stored, out of date versions of software are overwritten and a variety of user activities affect the efficiency the PC.

Annual maintenance from QLine IT can keep your computer running to the best it can be. Generally speaking, maintenance can improve the efficiency of your PC by up to 50%. Not only will the PC start much quicker, but you will notice overall enhanced performance and speed.

Annual maintenance gives your PC a new lease of life

By performing our set procedures, we will clear the temporary files, remove unwanted software, update drivers and perform a number of tasks to make your computer run as well as it did the day you purchased it. We also perform a full virus, spyware and malware check to ensure it isn’t harbouring any infections.

Often, maintenance will give a new lease of life to your computer, providing longevity and postponing the purchase of a new and expensive machine.

Maintenance takes around an hour and we can normally perform this either on-site at your home or business or even remotely if preferred.

If you would want to speed up your PC, contact QLine IT today and let us give your computer the MOT it needs.

Computer Maintenance