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Residential IT Support

Whether you need a virus removing or a new pc setup, QLine IT are highly knowledgeable and efficient. Visit our office In Leeds or our friendly, professional engineers can visit you at home.  We also offer a remote assistance service so our engineers can resolve most issues no matter where you are, or we can a hardware collection/return service for your computer.

How we can help

Computer Maintenance

Just like a car, your computer needs its annual check-up. To keep your Windows or Mac computer working efficiently, regular maintenance is needed. Often taking less than an hour, QLine IT can restore your pc or laptop’s performance, check for security issues, updates and much more. Ensuring your computer has regular maintenance will lengthen the device’s life as well as keeping your valuable data safe. Book your MOT today!

Backup IT Solutions

Backing up your data is never more important than in this current age of malware and virus attacks, faulty hardware or simple human error. Data is precious, whether it be your home accounts, family pictures or holiday videos. Using solutions such as Dropbox, OneDrive or iCloud is the best way to protect your documents and pictures. Often for as little as the cost of a coffee, your data can be safe and synchronised between your devices.

New Computer/Laptop Setup

Shopping around when buying a new computer/laptop and then having to tackle set-up and installation can be a real headache. Here at QLine IT we can supply your new hardware (if needed) assist with data transfer from your old computer, remove unwanted bloatware, install Microsoft Office, add Webroot virus protection and much more. Setup of your new hardware takes around an hour at your home or business, and at a time and date to suit you.

Email & Domain

Just because you do not have a business does not mean you can’t have a professional and spam filtered email address. A free Gmail or Hotmail address does not come with the protection you can get from an Exchange account. Anyone can have a domain based, secure email account. From £6.00 per month, you can choose a family domain email with all the benefits that a business receives.

24/7 Computer Monitoring

Your computer is part of your everyday life, and you need peace of mind that your hardware is working efficiently. From as little as £12 per month, QLine IT can monitor your hardware and software, perform weekly scans, and ensure your computer is safe and well. QLine IT actively monitors and maintains your computer, unlike our competitors who charge a fee and only help when a problem occurs. This is all part of our Residential IT Support.

Computer Provision

Buying a new computer, monitor or printer might seem simple, but the COVID pandemic has caused numerous issues to the IT supply chain. Working from home has meant printers and laptops have risen sharply in price and a shortage of a particular chip has meant graphics cards are in short supply. QLine IT will be pleased to help with your next hardware purchase and provide our standard 2-year hardware warranty.


Free or paid anti-virus? That is the question most asked of any IT support company. There are arguments on both sides, dependent upon how you use your computer, what operating system you are using and if you are a Windows or Mac user. At QLine IT, we can give you the best advice to make the correct decision. Keeping your irreplaceable data safe is important and we can provide Webroot monitored anti-virus software for £3.25 per month.

Windows Re-install

Over time, the operating system on your computer can become corrupt. On the average computer, there are a minimum of 10 different software programs which all must work with either Windows or Mac OS. With daily user intervention, updates and bugs, your computer can become sluggish or unresponsive. Wiping the hard drive and installing a fresh copy of the operating system can give your computer a new lease on life.

Secure Hard Drive/SSD Removal

So your computer, laptop or Mac has come to the end of its life. But what should you do with the hard drive or SSD that contains all the data you thought had been deleted? Removing the hard drive is always the safest option, which then allows you to recycle your hardware. The hard drive or SSD can then be securely shredded, protecting your data. This is a service QLine IT offers for as little as £7.50 per drive.

Emergency Service

Here at QLine IT, we understand that IT problems can occur and need rectifying outside of standard hours. Where possible, we will always try and accommodate urgent Residential IT support requests, either by phone, remote or onsite. Click the learn more button for our after-hours rates. If we can help, we will, dependent upon staff availability. This is a chargeable service.