Shellshock – Are you open to attack?

Apple - Big Sur Update

You may have heard about Shellshock, the latest virus doing the rounds. Essentially, it is a vulnerability in code written for servers and in particular Unix  which is the software used by Apple computers. It is unusual for Mac to be vulnerable, but on this occasion, if your MAC is not unto date, you could be vulnerable.

If you are on PC, you are ok, but if you are on a MAC you need to do the following:

1. Ensure you are running the latest OS and that you have the latest updates. – Click the Apple Sign then software update.

2. Run the below commands from Terminal:

env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' bash -c 'echo hello'

If you’re not vulnerable, you’ll get this result:

bash: warning: x: ignoring function definition attempt bash: error importing function definition for `x' hello

If you are vulnerable, you’ll get:

vulnerable hello

You can also check the version of bash you’re running by entering:

bash --version

If you have any doubts, please contact PC Repair Leeds today.