So, Windows 7 is no more, but how does that affect you?

Windows 7

As you will have seen highlighted in the news, Microsoft has withdrawn support for Windows 7. Whilst we loved this OS, it was released 11 years ago and has now been superseded by Windows 8, 8,1 and 10. Microsoft no longer provide vital updates or patches for Windows 7.

If you are running Windows 10 you need not do anything. If you are running Windows 8 or 8.1, we strongly suggest upgrading to Windows 10.

If you are running Windows 7, then you have some decisions to make:

Security and Internet safety.

In our opinion, you should not be using your computer on the internet if you are running Windows 7. This is for a number of reasons:

• 3rd party applications such as Adobe, Chrome etc will no longer provide their own security updates. This can leave your PC vulnerable to threats released after the last Microsoft update.

• As there will be not be any new updates from Microsoft, your operating system will no longer be able to protect your internet access or any attempts to gain entry to your pc.


As Windows 7 will not be able to update itself, 3rd party programmes that do update, may become incompatible and become corrupt. This can affect data used by these programmes. For example, is you run Sage or Photoshop, updates to the software could become corrupted and possible damage to the data may occur.

Lack of support

Most computer engineers will no longer provide support for Windows 7. This is because, without Microsoft support, any issues caused from an engineer’s intervention, will prevent restore your system. PC Repair Leeds will no longer work on Windows 7 machines.

Whilst your Windows 7 computer may be running happily, it has reached the end of its life and to use it, especially on the internet, could lead to data corruption or security attacks.

If you need any advice, contact PC Repair Leeds today and we can advise on your options.