Struggling to map your network drive ?

Map Network Drive

Mapping a network drive can seem more complicated than it actually is. There are many useful reasons to map a network drive, if you work from home or from the office. A network drive consists of permanent folders that are stored on a server, so you can access files to work on, but the network name has a red “X” through it, what do you do?

When you map a network drive and log in using your credentials assigned to you, then you will gain access to the folders that you are allowed to see on the network. This way of accessing folders makes it easy for employees to share important files across a network which can then be edited and saved back onto the network for another person to use.

The frustrating problem our clients face are seeing the dreadful red “X” through the network, you worry and get frustrated because you do not know how to re-connect to it.UntitledFirstly, you need to have a username and password to connect to a network, provided by your IT administrator. This will give you access to the specified network, so you can see folders assigned to you.. To get connected, you secondly, open up your “(C:)” drive  and begin to find “Map Network Drive”. Finding this will depend on your operating system, this option will be different on XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 10. For this example we will use windows

Once you have found and clicked “Map network drive” you are ready to select your folders of which you want to access. Make sure you have ticked the following boxes shown in the screenshot, this will allow you to use your own credentials, just in case a previous username and password was used. After selecting the folder you want to access, click finish, you will then be asked for your username and password.



If your credentials are correct and your administrator has allowed you to view this folder then you will have successfully gained access and you can start working ! If you are struggling to connect, then contact your administrator for assistance.