Unable to access Hotmail or Live email login

windows live hotmail

Are you having problems accessing Hotmail or Live email account login pages? Are you receiving the “page can not be displayed” notice?

If you have Bitdefender installed as our Anti-Virus, then due to a temporary problem, access has been blocked. Until the problem is resolved, there is a work around.

1. Open Bitdefender console.
2. Click on the settings option from the toolbar
3. From the settings menu, click privacy
4. Click on the anti-phishing tab. If there is not a anti-phishing tab, go to step 5
5. Click on Scan SSL switch and toggle off.
6. Close all windows and you should now be able to get back on to your email login pages.

We are waiting for the issue to be fixed. Once it is, you can turn the Scan SSL back on.