Latest Update

We will often post the latest information on I.T issues and today we have listed some updates to our posts you may find interesting:

Ransomware – This type of cyber hijacking of your computer is increasing. It is essential you ensure your computer has up to date anti-virus software and your data is backed up. We are currently trialling an anti-ransomware product from Bitdefender. Its free and might add another layer of protection. Download the free software here.

Office 365 – If you are running Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013, it might be time to upgrade. From £60 per year for 1 licence of Office 2016 or £80 per year for 5 licences, this is an easy and affordable way for you and your family to have the latest up to date version of MS Office.Office 365 logo

Anti – Virus – PC Repair Leeds have always used AVG as our anti-virus solution. Recently AVG has been bought out by AVAST. At this time, AVG software will remain separate to AVAST software. Until we hear different, will continue to supply and recommend AVG.

Windows 10 – As previously mentioned, Windows 10 has now stabilised and become the most used Windows OS. If you are not running Windows 10, there are still ways in which you can upgrade from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 free of charge. Windows 10 is now one of the most secure OS and we strongly recommend that all computers should be running on Windows 10 before the end of the year.

Need a new laptop?New Laptops – One of the most common questions we are asked by Clients is what is best Laptop. Regrettably, the laptop market is strewn with cheap, poorly built laptops that are slow and underpowered. When you buy from a shop, it is rare the salesperson will actually try and sell you the best laptop for your needs. It more likely he will sell you a laptop on which he earns the most commission. If looking for a new laptop, ensure you aim for a Intel I3 or I5 processor with an SSD Drive (Solid State Drive). This combination should ensure you get a laptop which should be quick and efficient.


If you need any help or have questions about the above topics, please contact PC Repair Leeds today and would be delighted to help.