What if…….?


What if you are notified of a virus alert on your computer system? Do not panic, virus’ can come from many things such as emails, pop ups, websites and can even be purposely installed onto your system without you even knowing. The best way to recover from a virus is to safely shut your system down and boot into safe mode. After booting into safe mode, you can then perform removal tasks such as running a virus scan with your preferred anti virus. Once a virus has been detected and removed, it is now time to make sure you are safe and secure. Some top tips to keep your self safe from virus’ are to :

Password should be changed frequently

  • Change all your passwords
  • Make sure the virus is actually removed
  • Figure out where the virus came from
  • Restart your system perform another scan


What if you notice that your memory on your system is filling up fast? Then you may want to find an alternative storage. Files that take up space, are usually unwanted programs and junk files you rarely use, as well as that you may want to store your family photos and videos plus files that are less important somewhere else.

A great solution is Dropbox. Dropbox allows you to store your files online which you can then access from other computers, tablets and mobile phones with your unique username and password. Dropbox offer free storage when you sign up and then you are able to create more space by paying for their services. Dropbox is a great way to minimise clutter and space on your computer system.Dropbox backup solution image


What if you get frequent crashes on your system? Once again do not panic, your computer is easily fixable and you can be back running smoothly by performing simple maintenance checks and clearing out files you do not use anymore, you may also want to uninstall unwanted program and clear out temporary data. Leaving your computer system without a maintenance can affect it in the long run, like a car, your computer needs to be maintained. Remember, when you next purchase a computer, be sure to perform regular maintenance checks weekly to prevent these frequent crashes.

You have to always remember that one error can lead to another with computer systems. You have to look after them for you to actually use them efficiently. Maintaining a computer is a key area to keep in mind as you don’t want to keep forking out for a new system every year !

Computer maintenance