What is 2 step verification?


In this modern era of online banking, payments and purchases, it is essential to protect your most private credit information in the securest form possible. There are obvious measures you can take such as using different passwords and changing them frequently, but there is a new level of security on offer.two step verification

Most large online companies such as Gmail, Facebook, Ebay, Paypal etc, offer an additional level of security called 2 step verification.

This system works by sending you a text message containing a one off unique number or code. Whenever you login via a computer to one of the registered accounts, a code will be texted to you. Once the code is entered, you can proceed as would normally. To explain it a little more simply, belPaypal Logoow is an example.

You wish to login to Paypal to make a payment. Login to Paypal as you would normally. Once you have entered your username and password, you would normally be able to to access your account: however, if you have 2 step verification enabled, a text message would be sent to your mobile phone. You have to enter this code before you can continue to your account.

As with all companies offering this service, you need to pre-register your mobile phone. If anyone does try to access you accounts by using a username and password, they will not be able to get very far without the verification code which is different every time a login is attempted.

If you access a particular account many times a day, such as Facebook, you can authorize a particular device as a “safe” device which will override the verification system.

The only downside to this security is if you and your phone become separated as without your phone, you cant login into the particular account.

PC Repair Leeds strongly recommend the use of 2 step verification. Visit your most commonly used websites today and enable this essential and additional security.