What is in my Computer?

Circuit Board

Corsair CasePC Repair Leeds are frequently asked about the components within a standard computer base unit. Having a basic understanding of the internal workings of your computer is a useful tool when it comes to diagnosing simple faults.


All components are housed in a computer case. This serves the purpose of encompassing all parts in a safe manner, ensuring the components are free from dust and moisture. Cases very tremendously, ranging from small and compact to large and illuminated. The actual case has no effect on the performance of the pc, but a larger case tends to allow better cooling.


This crucial part is how all the other components connect and talk to each other. In essence, a circuit board which is fastened to the case, and each other part is connected via cable. The cost of a motherboard can vary dependent upon a number of factor such as chipset, facilities and bios.

[column width=”one-third”]I7 Processor by Intel
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CPU (Processor)

The CPU is the engine of your computer. This unit performs thousands of calculations per minute to allow you to write and email, browse the net or perform complex mathematical equations. When buying a new pc, it is very important to ensure you have the best processor as this cant easily be changed or upgraded in later life. The cost different is very large, with cheap processors starting at £35 and the high end processors starting at £150.[/column]


Ram type DDR3RAM (Memory)

The amount of RAM contributes to the speed of your pc. The RAM is the space in which the processor does its calculations and the more room available, the higher the speed the processor can work. Again, consideration to the size of RAM available when purchasing a new pc is critical to the overall performance.

Hard DriveHard Drive by Western Digital

This is where the operating system is stored along with your data. Whilst new hard drives have a very large capacity, in excess of 2TB, most residential clients will never use that amount of storage. In the event your computer “dies” or comes to the end of its life, you should always remove the hard drive and destroy is carefully.

PSUPSU (Power Supply)

Finally, the PSU provides your computer with power. Whilst it might take in 240V, the internal voltages are only 12V which provides an efficient system, cost only a few pence a day in electricity. The main criteria for a PSU is the power it can provide (high end PSU’s are needed for special graphics cards) and also the quietness of the fan. The last thing you want is a noisy or loud computer.

There are additional items that can be found in your computer such as DVD drive, Graphics Card, Wireless port, but we hope the above gives you an in-site to the basic components.