Which? Trusted Traders

Which? Trusted Trader

It is with regret that we have today asked Which? Trusted Traders to remove our company name from their website and directory.

PC Repair Leeds LTD have been a Trusted Trader for 6 years, having successfully been accredited by Which? In recent months, we noticed that another computer company only a few hundred yards away from our office, has started trading using our company name (albeit, the words being reversed). Which? Trusted Traders have approved this company and added their details at the side of ours on their website.

By endorsing a company who is attempting to “pass off” as PC Repair Leeds we have to question the credibility of the Which? Trusted Traders scheme.

PC Repair Leeds Ltd have asked Which? to investigate the reasoning behind their accreditation of our competitor. Which? have considered our complaint but have decided that our competitor can retain their endorsement.

We have many recent occurrences of our own Clients getting confused when searching online for our details and we have also received calls and emails from our competitors Clients. This is what happens when you do not have the knowledge or business acumen to run a company on its own merits but instead relying on copying a competitor.

Having sought legal advice, we have been advised on possible options to legally stop our competitor from fraudulently using our company name.  This process will take a significant amount of time and money, but we intend to protect our name and goodwill.

As advised, we not have or wish to have any further links with Which? Trusted Traders as we view their scheme with a heightened sense of scepticism. Removing this link will help us become more distanced from our competitors “passing off” actions.

Don’t forget, when you are looking online for PC Repair Leeds LTD, look for the orange cross. Our company logo is trademarked and our competitor will not be able to copy this.

PC Repair Leeds LTD has been trading for many years and has built up a large amount of goodwill and a professional reputation. When needing a trustworthy IT Support company, look for the company with an established reputation.

Your support over the years is very much appreciated and never taken for granted and we look forward to being of service to you soon.

C D Marx