Why is Microsoft pushing Windows 10 so hard?

Windows 10

Have you noticed the Windows 10 icon near the clock in your task bar? Have you noticed that each time you reboot your pc, a Windows 10 panel pops up?

Many Clients have complained to us of the constant notifications for Windows 10. These notifications have increased to such as point they may be considered invasive. In short, our opinion is that Microsoft are acting with a complete lack of regard for Clients privacy, they are breaching Clients privacy and they are using Clients data allowances without prior consent.

Since Microsoft released Windows 10, they have mounted an unprecedented campaign to get customers to move to the new operating system. For the first time ever, they have offered the OS free of charge, they have include the annoying pop ups and they download Windows 10 installation files in readiness without your consent. The Windows 10 installation files take up 6GB of hard drive space and they have used 6GB of date allowance.

Whilst it is understandable that Microsoft would like all computers running Windows 10 (it is cheaper to maintain and update one OS than several), the complete lack of respect to customers is disgraceful. Whilst Microsoft advise that most computers can run Windows 10, in actual reality, this is not the case. PC Repair Leeds has received over 100 calls in the last 2 months, relating to issues since upgrading.

Up until now, there has been no way to remove the Windows 10 icon, or to stop Microsoft from downloading the files. However, we have found a very useful piece of software that removes Windows 10 files, stops the pop ups and also checks frequently for any attempt by Microsoft to upgrade your system. We have put 2 links below. The first is a very good article by Tech Radar relating to this issue, and the second is the download page for the required software. Pc Repair Leeds have tested the software and is works well, is simple to use and is free.

Whilst we advocate the use of this software, we cant accept any liability should the installation cause subsequent problems.

Tech Radar Article – Click here

Software download – Click here