How do I get WIFI around my home?

TP Link PowerLine Adaptors

Devices in your home need an internet connection

Everything from your desktop computer or laptop, Alexa or Google smart assistants, gaming consoles and even your IoT devices such as a washing machine or fridge need an internet connection to work. Most devices will use WIFI to connect to the Internet via your broadband router and this is where the problems can start.
In the majority of cases, WIFI is issued by your home router. The signal strength depends on many factors including wall thickness, distance from the router and interference from other devices. To add to the complication, WIFI runs on two bands – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The device you are connecting may only be able to connect via one of the mentioned frequencies.

WIFI not covering your entire household?

Your broadband router may not be able to cover the entire home with a WIFI signal. The good news is that you can add additional wireless access points (WAP) within your home which can either extend your WIFI network (known as WIFI extenders) or PowerLine adapters which allow the internet signal to use your home electrical wiring to provide a WIFI signal in another part of your home, without degradation. QLine IT has many years of experience in enabling a strong and fast WIFI connection throughout a range of home constructions – speak to us and we will find the best solution for you.

Should I use 2.4GHz or 5GHz?

2.4GHz and 5GHz are two different frequency bands used by Wi-Fi networks. 2.4GHz is a longer-range frequency that is better suited to penetrate walls and other obstacles, making it ideal for larger homes or offices with multiple floors.

5GHz offers a shorter range but is faster and less congested. It’s ideal for devices that need high-speed internet, such as gaming consoles, 4K streaming devices, and laptops with built-in WIFI. Additionally, 5GHz is less affected by interference, making it a better choice for areas with a lot of electronic devices.

The benefits of using PowerLine adapters

Whilst WIFI is convenient at home, no cables are needed, as you can see, WIFI does have its downsides. Here at QLine IT, we have used PowerLine adapters for many years. Manufacturers such as TP-Link, Devolo and Netgear have improved their products so that setup of a home network is quick and cost-effective.

  • Easy to install
  • Low cost to purchase
  • Can be extended for all sizes of property
  • No additional wiring
  • No internet speed degradation
  • Easy WIFI alternative

PowerLine adapters are a convenient and efficient way to extend a home or office network. They use the electrical wiring already in place to transmit network data, eliminating the need for additional cables or WIFI range extenders. This makes them ideal for situations where it’s difficult or impossible to run ethernet cables, such as in a room that’s far away from the router, or a garden shed. Powerline adapters can provide either a wired or wireless solution. They’re easy to set up –  simply plug one of the adapters into the mains socket by your router and then one or more into the desired room(s) that need coverage within your home.

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