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Windows 10 update problems

Windows 10

So, we all know that Windows 10 is now the most popular of the Microsoft operating systems, with over 60% of Windows based computers, running Windows 10. Currently there are many issues being flagged when Microsoft provides updates to Windows 10. Below are the latest know issues. If you feel your computer is suffering from with any of the identified problems, contact QLine IT today for assistance.

Printer issues – The update KB4522016 caused the print spooler to intermittently stop working, preventing some users from printing or receiving an error message.

Start Menu / Search Box – The update KB4517389, released to resolve the issues with the earlier print problems, has in turn caused further issues, this time with the Start Menu / Search Box. The user will find when using the start menu, a critical error message or the start menu will not open. The same issues occur when using the search box.

High CPU usage with Cortana – The update KB4512941has caused a significant CPU spike with the Cortana service running in the background. The CPU usage is making PC’s feel very slow.

Bluetooth Speaker – The update KB4505903 is causing connectivity problems with external Bluetooth speakers, issues with sound quality and switching to internal speakers.
VMware – The update KB4517211 is preventing VMWare Workstation Pro from running and displays the message, “check for an update version of the app”

Despite all the issues above, it is still very important to keep your Windows 10 up to date, not only with Windows updates but also installed programs such as Adobe, anti-virus and office.

Finally, don’t forget the January 2020 cessation of support for Windows 7. It is very important to upgrade your PC or operating system to Windows 10 by the end of 2019. If you need any help or advice, contact QLine IT today.