Windows 10…..Upgrade or not?

Windows 10

Windows 10 LogoMany of our Clients have upgraded to Windows 10. Some of have had problems, others have upgraded without any issues. However, at this time, especially in a work environment, PC Repair Leeds advises against this upgrade.

As you will be aware, Microsoft are pushing Windows 10 very hard, and in particular, the annoying pop up box in the bottom right of your screen. We think it is wrong that the user has no choice on accepting the update that installed the popup and also wrong that Microsoft have already downloaded the installation files of Windows 10 to your computer without your permission. 3GB of installation files have been downloaded on your pc, using your bandwidth allocation and stored secretly in a hidden location.

Whilst Microsoft assure us this is the last new OS, and there will not be a Windows 11 or 12 etc, the appeal to move to a new and little tested system seems to appeal to the general public. We agree that once the operating system has been tested more thoroughly, it would be sensible to move to a more modern system: however, due to the issues we have seen with Clients upgrading, our advice is don’t click on the shiny button just yet!

Problems incurred from upgrade have been missing printer drivers, network connection issues and problems restarting the PC. Whilst all of issues can be resolved relatively easily by re-installing the last used OS, the cost and time implications is frustrating to our Clients.

The general guidance we are providing is simple. If you have a Windows 7 machine, do not upgrade. Generally pc’s using Windows 7 are relatively old and you will experience more problems when locating drivers. If you are running Windows 8.1, leave the upgrade for a few months to allow new drivers to be written and stability issues resolved. If you have a pc older than 2 years, there is no reason to move to Windows 10 just to qualify for the free upgrade as you will probably be looking to purchase a new pc in the next year which will come with Windows 10 installed.

Having tested the new OS, we are would agree with many enthusiasts that Windows 10 is a vast improvement on Windows 8 or 8.1 but like all operating systems, it is essential to have the correct hardware and drivers. In a few months we will no doubt we revising our advice but at this time, think carefully before pressing the upgrade button.