Windows 7 is back!!!!!

Windows 7

Microsoft have suffered badly from the launch of Windows 8 and today a further blow has been bestowed upon them by HP who have now started offering the customers the option of Windows 7. This new move is due to falling sales worldwide of computers and in particular in view of the poor reception of Windows 8. PC Repair Leeds have previously commented on the poor reviews provided buy our Clients.

Windows 8.1 logo Windows 8This new move by HP will hopefully send a message to Microsoft and give them guidance for the already rumoured Windows 9. PC Repair Leeds is still advising clients to purchase Windows 7 in favour of 8, however the retail sector seem keen to promote the newer OS in favour of the more reliable old stock.

We have listed below the link from the Guardian. Should you need any advise on purchasing either OS, contact PC Repair Leeds today.