Windows 7? Internet Explorer? How safe is your computer?

Internet Explorer

If you are using Windows 7, then you are using a 10-year-old operating system that is now considered insecure. If you are using Internet Explorer on in Windows 7, then you are putting your financial details at risk.

Updating to the latest operating system (OS) is not always the best policy, especially as soon as it is released. Often there are bugs and errors which haven’t been detected at the time of release.  Here at PC Repair, we advise our Clients to allow at least 6 months before upgrading to the latest system. However, waiting too long can leave your pc vulnerable.

Once a new OS has been released, Microsoft do not want to spend resources supporting an older system. As security threats appear on the net, Microsoft have to add patches to protect their systems. The more versions of Windows that are in use, the more time they have to spend programming updates.  Windows 10 is the biggest push ever to get people to leave their old operating systems behind.

Today, Windows 10 is a solid and reliable OS, and whilst like any system, it has its issues, compared to the likes of Windows 7 or 8, the reliability is streets ahead.

As well as support needed from Microsoft, third party software suppliers, such as Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, AVG etc, all have to keep releasing updates to counter the latest threats. As most of these companies do not have the same resources as Microsoft, they simply will stop supporting older OS. To the end user, you, this means that your favourite browser may no longer be secure against the latest security risks.

Internet Explorer on Windows 7 has many reported vulnerabilities and we strongly advise all Clients not only stop using IE but upgrade to Windows 10. Your identity and financial information are the most important asset you have. Using insecure software is just the same as leaving your front door unlocked when you go on holiday.

If you need help in upgrading from an older OS, contact PC Repair Leeds today and we can keep you safe.