Windows 8 – layout change


2014 is here and unfortunately, so is Windows 8. Pc Repair Leeds has received the same complaints from the all of our Clients who have moved over to Windows 8. Complicated, no start menu, confusing tiles, slow etc etc.

Whilst there is little PC Repair Leeds can do, we can at least give you a solution that appears to be satisfying the majority of complaints.

We have been testing a 3rd party software called Classic Shell. This software adds a start menu to Windows 8 and provides a new option in relation to start up appearance. The software is only a few MB and completely free (although if you like it, why not click on the donate feature). Classic ShellOnce download and installed, you are presented with  3 difference appearance options for the start menu. The default is Windows 7. Once selected, you suddenly have a start menu and you can now navigate Windows as you always did. Additionally, when you reboot the pc, you are booted straight into normal desktop and NOT tiles.

All Windows 8 features are still available should you want them. To find our more about Classic Shell, click on the link.