Windows XP – Part 2

Windows XP

As per a recent press statement, Microsoft have confirmed they will still provide malware support for the very old Windows XP. Originally it was announced that support would cease completely in April 2014: however, support for known malware has been agreed for a further period.

PC Repair Leeds advises Clients to start looking at upgrading their computer from Windows XP to at least Windows 7 as already, we have noticed Windows XP machines start to glitch. Additionally, if you are an Internet Explorer fan, you are limited to IE 8 which is not as secure as the latest IE 11.

Unfortunately, when you do upgrade, you are faced with Windows 8 which is still not being received well. There are still online retailers such as Ebuyer and CCL who can provide Windows 7, a much preferred choice.

If you have no choice but to get Windows  8, see our post called Windows 8 – layout change